Since 1995, CONSTRUCTORA GROUP works with contractors, owners, engineers, architect, designers and developers to provide building envelope engineering, consulting and installation of exterior glazing systems, railing, stairwells, handrails, wind screen panels, composite panels, and most buildings envelope components and materials.

CONTRUCTORA GROUP engineering, consulting and construction services ensures that all components of a building’s exterior meet the structural standards necessary to provide durability, aesthetic quality, and protection during construction. Our goal is to understand our clients’ needs, be they developers, architects, general contractors, property managers, attorneys or homeowners: not only we help identify problems with the design or construction of building envelope components, but we proposed the correct and economically viable fix to comply with you project requirements.

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[1] Construction Services – Constructora

Installation of glazing and cladding system:

Our knowledge and well known reputation, working experience in the evolution of hurricane resistant codes in South Florida allows us to provide a complete service to our clients when selecting and installing glazing system, cladding system, materials and components that best support their project needs aesthetically, monetary and structurally, in an industry sector which is a world leader in hurricane and moisture protection design or glazing and cladding systems. CONSTRUCTORA GROUP services are as follows:

  • Wind load calculations as per ASCE 07 & structural calculations of glazing and cladding systems.
  • Review architectural drawing / specifications, Product Control Approval/Notice of Acceptance (NOA) documents including test proposals and evaluate fabrication, mock-up, and laboratory test.
  • Quality control jobsite’s visits on a regular basis (Monitor quality assurance programs).
  • Assist in identifying appropriate materials and manufacturers.
  • Prepare exterior glazing system and cladding shop drawings, structural calculations, and cladding systems.
  • Installation of glazing and cladding systems (waterproofing, perimeter anchorage, exterior / interior silicone sealant(s) and tile-down).
  • Quality control fields water and air infiltrations testing of glazing systems per AAMA and ASTM test standards.

Installation of Roofing and Waterproofing System:

Having worked as forensic consultant on numerous high rises and construction managers in renovation projects of condos and homes has allowed us to identify  what works properly for moisture protection design for pool decks, planters, wall openings, parking garages, expansion joints, interstitial spaces, roofs and terraces. Early detection of potential problems and incorporation of solutions into the design documents results in savings of money, time and the invaluable reputation of our clients.

After the installation of the waterproofing and roofing materials, CONSTRUCTORA GROUP incorporate ASTM and AAMA standardized test methods to assure proper performance and warranty.

Installation of Exterior walls system:

From Portland cement stucco and paint, to stone, wood and other architectural veneers, our involvement in projects has provided the know-how and consideration towards the installation of water infiltration resistance materials and components of walls maintaining the aesthetic appeal desired by architect, and the structural integrity required by Codes.

Our primary concern during installation is the interaction between exterior vertical systems, the adjacent glazing systems and horizontal surfaces. Proper selection of transition details and materials is vital as the majority of leaks in existing buildings are these areas.

Exterior Wall
Exterior Wall

[2] Engineering Services – Constructora


Our staff will review, critique and provide recommendations on the selection and design of building envelope components. Constructora has extensive experience with all aspects of building envelope including curtain walls, glazing system, exterior wall materials and components, roofing and waterproofing services.

Our staff will perform consulting and expert services for architects, developers, and general contractors by coordinating wind tunnel testing and analysis of results; develop preliminary roofing and waterproofing design; analyze alternate cladding, roofing and waterproofing; water and air infiltration testing, water leakage and waterproofing evaluation, architectural and shop drawing review and new construction quality control for single family, multi-family, and municipal buildings.


Review curtain wall, window and door mock-up shop drawing and test procedure – before and after mock up test.


Perform special inspection services for building envelope components.

Review submitted calculations and details.

Verify structural integrity, weather resistant and code compliance of installed products and systems.

Expert Witness:

Provide expert opinion and deposition for litigation cases involving the building envelope. Provide witness testimony on items such as product or system failure, improper material selection or installation, etc.

In the field, we will monitor the installation of building envelope components verifying compliance with project permit documents, specifications, test reports and local codes. We will issue reports based on our observations including any noted deficiencies and follow up on their correction.

Threshold Inspections:

Our staff will perform inspections on Threshold Building are required by the Florida Building Code following the structural inspections plan prepared by the Architect or Engineer of Record. Our periodic inspections are conducted in timely manner as requested by client to ensure there are no delays in the completion of the project.

Forensic Investigation of the Building Envelope:

Our staff will help determine the cause and effects of construction defects or damage from the elements to building envelope components resulting on breaches in the envelope and damage to interior components and property. We will assist in the selection of the repair materials and procedures to ensure that damage or detective components are brought p to required standards and any breaches are corrected.

Certification for structurally glazed curtain wall system, balcony railings, stairwells and handrails:

Our team of professionals can perform a condition assessment inspections to certify structural adequacy of your building’s structural glazed curtain wall, balcony railing, handrails, and stairwells. We concentrate on structural and life safety issues in addition to standard quality control inspection services, which emphasize water leakage prevention, aesthetics, and construction claims mitigation.

Expert Opinion, Deposition and Witness Testimony:

Our staff will provide expert opinion and deposition for litigation cases involving the building envelope. We will perform a preliminary review of the existing documents for the cladding system(s) under investigation and establish the inherent defect in the design and possible reason for failure. We will generate an extensive report highlighting our observations and findings resulting from our document review. Our staff will pinpoint the areas of the cladding system(s) that are potential failures and recommended testing. We will then prepare an expert presentation that will include images from the affected areas and a detailed explanation of our observations and findings with an expert opinion of cause. We will provide expert testimony illustrating the cause and effect of failure and our proposed course remediation.

Retro-fitting and hardening of older buildings

Extensive hurricane damage to high-rise and mid-rise buildings has created major challenges for owners and developers of office buildings and multi-family condominium and apartment complexes in Florida. This has included major code changes to create building exteriors that are more weatherproof and more impact resistant.

Insurance companies, saddled with extensive damage claims costs, are increasing premiums or cancelling policies altogether, particularly on older buildings that do not meet current code requirements.

CONSTRUCTORA GROUP can provide consulting services on how to retrofit and harden older buildings in a cost effective manner so that they comply with the new codes. Building hardening will provide greater protection for the building and its residents, and add the benefit of qualifying the building for insurance premium discounts. In many cases, the insurance discount alone will pay the cost of the retrofit.

Company Goals and Objectives

To be a well-known firm in the fields building envelope contractors. Create and maintain adequate and constant lines of communication with clients to guarantee customers satisfaction.